Johnny's at Hilton Coliseum

Ames, IA
April 2015

In April of 2015 Converse Conditioned Air was selected as the HVAC contractor for the renovations to Johnny’s Club at Hilton Coliseum on the campus of Iowa State University.  While the visible HVAC scope was only new diffusers and grilles the project was much more extensive and tough.  Converse Conditioned Air’s scope included the demolition of all air handling equipment that served all locker rooms and training areas on at the lower level of Hilton, the demolition of the HVAC equipment that serves the office areas of Hilton as well as the HVAC equipment that serves Johnny’s.  Each area was upgraded with equipment that provided proper amounts of outside air, allows for energy recovery and improved the distribution ductwork to these areas.  During the project, air conditioning had to be maintained to the impacted areas; which meant some tight working shifts during the actual changeover of the new equipment.  To make things tougher, the HVAC equipment had to be removed and new put in place prior to the finished ceiling of the renovated Johnny’s being installed.