Dow AgroSciences Research Field Station

2012 Award of Excellence
Ames, Iowa
July 2012

In 2012, Converse Conditioned Air was contracted to design and build HVAC system for Dow AgroSciences.  The field research facility located in rural Story County is a 12,600 square foot building housing drive through receiving, seed processing and cold room storage.

Converse project management worked closely with the general contractor and the architect/engineering firm verifying existing conditions and giving input on possible design solutions.  The HVAC system includes a custom Aaon 50 ton packaged unit with an energy recovery feature. Because of the extreme risk of a dust explosion, all heating aspects of this project are accomplished with electric heat.  The project made use of absolutely no liquid propane or natural gas.  A sophisticated automatic building controls system integrated into the facility network allows the equipment to be controlled from a central location.

This project required a great deal of planning, coordination and determination by all parties involved to complete the building in a timely manner without sacrificing any aspect of quality or safety.  The Dow AgroSciences soybean research facility is a prime example of innovative design addressing the growing needs developing in the agricultural industry in Iowa.